Be your own doctor

steps to become your own Doctor

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Lets include below activity in you daily life and become your own doctor.

  • Use only rock salt. Thyroid, BP, stomach will be fine.
  • Use steel cooker only. Will avoid the harm caused by lead found in aluminium.
  • Do not consume any refined oil and use only sesame, mustard, peanut, coconut. Refined food contains many chemicals which cause many diseases in the body.
  • Soybean should be soaked for 2 hours, crushed and used only after removing the poisonous foam.
  • Exhaust fan is necessary in the kitchen, to expel polluted air.
  • Play music you like while working. Eating will have a good effect and fatigue will be reduced.
  • Increase the use of desi cow’s ghee. Many diseases will be cured, weight will not increase.
  • Add as much sweet neem/curry leaves as possible in food items, it will improve everyone’s health.
  • Make most of the things in iron pan only. No one will have iron deficiency.
  • Fix the time of meal, stomach will remain fine. Don’t talk between meals, food will provide more nutrition.
  • Include sprouted grains in breakfast. Nutritious vitamins and fiber will be available.
  • Take fresh curd made from local cow’s milk with your morning meal, your stomach will be fine.
  • Use minimum sugar, bones will remain healthy in old age.
  • Instead of sugar, take unsweetened jaggery or local sugar.
  • Use nigella seeds along with mustard seeds, the benefits are so many that we cannot even write them.
  • Make a habit of drinking Ayurvedic drinks at tea time and you will remain healthy.
  • Keep a dust bin outside in the kitchen, put the kitchen waste in the outside dust bin before sleeping.
  • Apply ghee or mustard oil on your nose as soon as you enter the kitchen, your head and lungs will remain healthy.
  • Eat bitter vegetables like bitter gourd, fenugreek, radish etc., the blood will remain pure.
  • Do not drink water colder than pot water, digestion and teeth will remain fine.
  • Remove plastic and aluminum from the kitchen, they are cancer causing factors.
  • Use of microwave oven is a cause of cancer.
  • Eat cold food items as little as possible, they harm the stomach and teeth.
  • Eating outside is very harmful, join a food related group and cook everything at home.
  • Avoid fried foods, weight, stomach, acidity will remain fine.
  • Eat less flour, gram flour, chickpeas, kidney beans, urad, you will avoid the problem of gas.
  • Increase the use of ginger and carom seeds, gas and body pain will reduce.
  • Pickle without nigella seeds is harmful.
  • Water filter with RO is harmful. Use only UV, it is cheap and good too.
  • There are many cosmetics in the kitchen itself, get information from such groups.
  • Put half a teaspoon of Triphala in a cup of water at night, filter it with a cloth in the morning and wash your eyes with this water, the glasses will come off. After filtering, put the remaining powder in a glass of water. Drink it at night. Stomach will be clean, no disease will remain in one year.
  • Do not wear slippers in the kitchen in the morning, purity and also pressure.
  • Chew half a spoon of raw cumin seeds soaked overnight and drink the same water in the morning on an empty stomach, acidity will go away.
  • If you make a habit of cooking food while standing on the acupressure pyramid platform, all the diseases will go away from the body.
  • Consuming 35-fourth teaspoon of cinnamon in any form throughout the day will definitely result in health.
  • Tea masala made from kitchen spices is healthy.
  • In winter, sucking mace equal to the size of nails will protect you from the effects of cold.
  • While going out in winter, keep 2 pinches of carom seeds in your mouth, there will be no harm from cold.
  • Putting a little turmeric, salt and alum in a quarter piece of juiced lemon and rubbing it on the teeth will prevent any dental disease.
  • Sometimes add 2 drops of mustard oil in salt and turmeric and clean your teeth with your fingers, no dental disease can last.
  • In case of fever, boil 1 liter of water to 250 ml, after it comes to normal temperature, give it to the patient in small amounts, it will work as medicine.
  1. Include fresh home-made local cow curd with your morning meal, it will work as a probiotic.